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Purchasing Procedures

The following are the general procedures for different types of orders:

Normal Purchase Orders

Information about what an individual needs to order is given to the school or department secretary (or other designated individual), including the suggested vendor, a description and the quantity of what is to be purchased, and the cost. That information is entered as a requisition in the Skyward System, approved at the building or department level, and forwarded to the Administration Building for final approval. Once the requisition is completely approved, it is forwarded to the Purchasing Department.

The Purchasing Department will review the requisition. There may be instances where the vendor is changed to a vendor who can provide the requested materials at a lower price or with better service. The Purchasing Department, after reviewing the requisition, will send a Purchase Order to the vendor to authorize the purchase of the materials requested. A copy of the Purchase Order will also be sent to the originating school or department.

Blanket Purchase Orders

In certain limited instances where a school or department needs to repeatedly purchase similar materials from the same vendor, a “Blanket Purchase Order” may be issued. To initiate a Blanket P.O., the requisition is entered into Skyward and sent to the Administration Building requesting the establishment of a Blanket Order with a specific vendor, the types of materials to be ordered, the amount to encumber, and the individual(s) to whom the authority is given to utilize the Blanket Order. Blanket Purchase Orders may be issued for a time period that does not extend beyond the budget year. Encumbered funds remaining at the end of the budget year will not be carried forward to the new year. Both the Blanket Order and the remaining funds will be cancelled at the end of the budget year and a new Blanket Purchase Order will need to be requested for the following budget year.

Bids and Quotes

State law requires the Purchasing Department to follow certain formal procedures to obtain bids or quotes for materials when certain dollar thresholds are exceeded. So that you may anticipate the time required to complete such procedures, they are summarized below.

When ordering supplies or equipment in excess of $150,000, the Purchasing Department must obtain sealed bids for the materials. This process includes placing a legal advertisement in the News and Tribune, allowing time for the potential bidders to respond, receiving the bids, opening the bids at a formal meeting, and having the Board of School Trustees award the purchase to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder. This process will usually take one to two months, depending on teh School Board’s schedule.

When ordering supplies or equipment with a cost between $50,000 and $150,000, the Purchasing Department (not the school) must obtain formal quotes. This process includes sending written requests for quotes to at least three businesses known to deal in the lines of materials to be purchased, allowing the business to respond, opening the quotes, and awarding the purchase. This process will take at least two weeks.

When ordering supplies or equipment with a cost below $50,000, the Purchasing Department may make purchases under small purchase policies establised by the purchasing agency or under rules adopted by the governmental body.

When a purchase involves the alteration or renovation of a school building, that purchase becomes a “Public Works” project and the formal process of obtaining sealed bids must be followed if the cost exceeds $50,000.

Wilson Center

The Greater Clark County School Corporation is a member of the Wilson Educational Service Center. One of the primary missions of the Wilson Center is to serve as a purchasing cooperative for its members. Among the items that the Wilson Center bids each year are art supplies, audio-visual equipment, books, classroom paper, computer equipment, copy paper, custodial supplies and equipment, first aid supplies, furniture, ink cartridges, lamps and ballasts, library supplies, and office supplies. Each bid has its own restrictions and deadlines. Subject to those restrictions and deadlines, items must be requisitioned online through Skyward-Web Version IAESC.

Office Depot & Independent Stationers

Supplies only can be requisitioned online through Skyward-Web Version.

How to complete the Purchase Requisition Form

Instructions for entering requisitions, entering requisitions in Skyward-Web Version, and requisition approval/denial process in Skyward can be found in the Public Folders/GCCS Forms and the GCCS website under Business.

Vendor Name and Address

If the vendor is not already in the system, please call or email the Purchasing Department and the vendor will be entered into the system for you. If you do not know of a possible vendor for an order, please contact the Purchasing Department for assistance. There may be situations when the vendor listed on a requisition is changed by the Purchasing Department.

Deliver To

Select the correct “ship to” address and enter the name of the person for which the item is to be shipped.

Description and Catalog Number

Type the quantity of whatever is being ordered, the unit measure, a description of the item, a catalog number if available, the unit cost and the total cost. It is vital that a description of the item is provided. A catalog number alone is not sufficient. If shipping charges are known or can be estimated, please include that cost as a separate item.

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