Thursday, December 2

General Information

The decision regarding the need to purchase various supplies, services, and equipment is a decision that schools and departments must make, subject to certain administration approvals.

The process for the procurement of needed supplies, services, and equipment for the Greater Clark County School Corporation and its schools and departments is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department.

To achieve an effective and efficient system of procurement, Greater Clark County Schools utilizes a Purchase Order system. Purchases are to be made only with a valid purchase order.

The Board of School Trustees has designated the Purchasing Manager to serve as the school corporation’s Purchasing Agent. In accordance with state statute, the Purchasing Agent is the only individual authorized to issue purchase orders for the school corporation.

Purchases made from Extracurricular Funds are not subject to these guidelines. Extracurricular Fund purchases are subject, however, to the rules and regulations established by the State Board of Accounts.

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