Monday, June 14


Procedure for Emergency Purchases

There are two procedures that can be used to make emergency purchases. The preferred method is for the requisition to be entered into Skyward and the appropriate approvers being notified of the emergency requisition. In normal circumstances, after all required approvals have been obtained; a purchase order can be issued within fifteen minutes. The second method is to be used …

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Purchasing Department Functions

As a specialized activity, the Purchasing Department has three primary functions: To obtain the best prices for the goods and services purchased for the schools. To relieve the faculty and school staff from certain duties and responsibilities associated with the procurement process. To ensure compliance with state purchasing regulations and bidding laws.

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Purchases Near the End of the Fiscal Year

Purchase requisitions for supplies, services, and equipment submitted at or near the end of the budget year are to reflect essential needs and are not to be used to exhaust appropriation balances. Requisitions for supplies being purchased from Student Fee money should be submitted to the Purchasing Department no later than the beginning of Spring Break of that school year …

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General Information

The decision regarding the need to purchase various supplies, services, and equipment is a decision that schools and departments must make, subject to certain administration approvals. The process for the procurement of needed supplies, services, and equipment for the Greater Clark County School Corporation and its schools and departments is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department. To achieve an effective …

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Accounting Issues

Questions have been asked about several accounting issues related to purchasing. Below is some guidance about those issues.

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